My name is Richard Caldwell. I may or may not have been raised by coyotes, but I have been writing and editing since the Fall of 2000. My elder sister was murdered then. She was a better scribe than me, so as she was deprived of her future I am doing this for the both of us. I’ve mostly worked as a citizen journalist, interviewer, proofreader and poet, but have picked cotton from every salt mine along the way, all over the country. A news junkie in general and a political junkie in particular, I am a non-theist and amazingly, I have never seen fit to chase many a holy grail in my time.

What is nilskidoo? It has been my main alias online for many, many years. The nil means little to none, and the skidoo means either exit or change, so the two terms taken together seem to dress our tribulations rather tastefully. For the foreseeable future, it is the title for this endeavor, this glorified blog. Heavy on the coffee and cigarettes, it lives and breathes with its hands waxing philosophical endlessly up the skirts of Absurdism. What is Absurdism? The point of Absurdism is that there is no point to anything, unless meaning is created in hindsight. Like l’esprit d’escalier.

The nilskidoo blog is more about perusing unfinished ideas rather than selling snake oils, an inner monologue given tangible form. Being an autodidact, I have always been one to make up my own mind, so my convictions regarding everything under the sun are primarily a hodge-podge of what feels right by me. I am American by birth, but like any student of history I am no patriot. I am devoutly anti-censorship, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-fascism, and anti-creamy style peanut butter. I wholeheartedly fear that it will take ages to undo the damages ingrained upon our species by organized religions such as Capitalism. I worry the older I get the more that whatever passion I do possess is transformed into melancholia. And in that respect, one might say that nilskidoo is an ongoing suicide note.